Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Library Socializing

from Papi, during their date to the library: Anjali is at school for sure right now. This looks like a class here for library day. She approached he girls and fell right into socializing. She said. "You know what, this is why I wanted to meet you because I like your shoes."
This giggle fest happened after a boy said "....and I saw his underwear!!  Giggle giggle hahaha giggle...l


Here's our photo album ~ a set on flickr ~ because for now I can't seem to make it happen in the sidebar..

Chronicles of the Popes' Life-Schooling Adventures

Not just homeschooling; LIFEschooling!  Because that's the beauty of Learning Together:  every moment we are learning!  Learning is not confined to a building and a structured format.

Here we plan to keep an album of Anjali's (and our!) learning journey ~ photos and stories, mainly.
~I would like for it to be easy, and to get in the regular habit of just tossing something in at any moment (NOT perfectionistically making sure it's perfectly worded or displayed!!)
~I would like to print this out on a yearly or seasonal basis so that we have it to admire not just on the computer screen.
~I would also like to write out our values and goals to help remind us of where we're headed and act accordingly.   

Here's us Learning Together recently ~ on a family vacation to the Albemarle Sound.