Friday, August 8, 2014

Summer Days

They did this for HOURS every day!  We were surprised Mamaw's voice didn't go hoarse!  

Anjali had every joke in this book memorized after hearing it two times through. 

sample drawing.  new twist with predator and surprised face. ha! 

 Solomon gave her a catalog of costumes and dress-up clothes.  At first she asked if we could buy one.  I told her we could use it as *inspiration* for costumes we make ourselves.  Since then, she has been using it as inspiration for her own drawings, including this one, of Mary Poppins and Bert ~ notice Mary's Oriental-inspired outfit!  She insists it's *not* Oriental. ; )
Huge mushroom she found in the yard near the woods with Nanna! 

Sample of her photography. 
 Squeezing butter mints out after mixing (and sampling!). 

Momma and babies we saw.  The story says it.