Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bearded Tutu Girl!

I don't think Anjali has grasped that, if she attended a school, she probably wouldn't get to slip into the bathroom and come out looking like this five minutes later... ; )

I love how free Anjali feels to express herself.  She feels free to dress in pants and "normal" everyday wear, she feels free to dress in three fluffy tutus all on top of each and then emerge from the bathroom with a detailed beard!  And then later in the day she feels confident in saying, "Let's take this makeup off. I'm tired of it." And then later to pull off the tutus in order to climb trees at the arboretum!  And then to very quickly pull her pants off for an emergency pee in the yard!  And though she enjoys some attention, she doesn't "dress to impress"; she dresses to fulfill her own fancy.  All this to say, I love how confident she is, and our goal is that our "schooling" supports and facilitates this.