Monday, September 22, 2014


> The cover came off of her Strawberry Shortcake coloring book, so she made a new one with cardboard, and bound it with duct tape.

Here she is with her Junior Ranger badges, and the hat she made to replace the one she got there that broke.  She recreated the design. 

Sewing her princess dress, of her own accord, to patch holes. 

finished patched dress! 

hand sewing work.  


Fashion and Numbers

she put these numbers in order herself.  yes, "backwards", but in order.  
she traced this from a clothing catalog. 

Friends Visit!

Ganesha Sharanam

> Here's Anjali performing to the kirtan song, Ganesha Sharanam. I wish I could've video'ed it but I was using the phone and it was playing music. Next time I will use my new iPad! The evocative skill she has with her body language and facial expressions is quite advanced, if I may say so. : )

Mustaches for All!


Friday, September 5, 2014

August-September Art

This she drew yesterday.  it is full of drama!  the two young women are a young queen and teen princess.  they are arguing.  The girls to the right are listening indignantly, and a teenage prince is peeking out the door (with many hinges) spying on them all!  
two girls in tea dresses just like the one Nanna made for Anjali. 
this was a request i made. she asked me to tell her what to draw, and this is what i said. :-) 
i'm pretty sure this is a Frozen character.

September Days

photo Anjali took of a dew-covered spider web in the morning sunlight. 
Little House reading time with Papi! 
an example of the paper dolls she's been making. this one with pieces of fabric for details, and a thread mouth. 
witch sisters. 
witch with kitty cat, and a very worn out and dusty chandelier. : ) 

September Already!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Witch Drawing

Here is a witch who is a nice witch. She's more like a grandma. The cat has a magic tail, that, if the witch ever gets lost while flying, the tail can get even longer, and go and find her!