Saturday, February 22, 2014

British Accents and Cutting and Pasting

We signed Anjali up for several classes at the beginning of the semester, and one-by-one, decided they weren't what we were looking for and not worth scheduling our weekly lives around.  One was with the Bluegrass Homeschool Learning Co-op, and I'm still hoping classes in later semesters will be worth our while.  This one was all sitting and no interacting with the other children allowed, and coloring low-quality xeroxes while the teacher hustled the kids along, and read facts from a sheet. Another was a Spanish class offered at the Carnegie Center, which Anjali said was even more boring than the co-op class.  Ha!  Another was a children's movement class at Centered, that ended up being geared more towards mommies and babies/toddlers.  We didn't even try the age 1-5 music class after that.   Really what we are looking for is some regular interaction with a group of children.  I am gearing up to spearhead a meeting at the Arboretum on Mondays.  I hope some families make it a regular thing.

Mary Poppins continues to be a theme.  We have been listening to a Mary Poppins Pandora station, and she has an astonishing number of the songs ~ from Little Mermaid to Sound of Music ~ memorized.  With all the audio books we've listened to (over and over) such as The Giraffe, The Pelly, and Me, by Raold Dahl, and classic Winnie the Pooh, along with the Mary Poppins and others, Anjali is developing quite the British accents.  Queen's English as well as Cockney. ; )  It's fun.

She is cranking out the art in copious amounts.  I honestly don't know what to do with it all.  She can produce a nice quality drawing in minutes!  And lately she has been cutting out the figures, punching a hole in the top, and making a necklace or.. puppet/toy.  This week the three of us created 3-D hats for her dolls in the theme of Caroline Quiner.  We made a bonnet, and a top hat from card stock paper.
Leesha and Albert with bonnet and top hat. 

Little kitty with boots with tiny buttons. 
Last week Anjali and Papi created a fairy house, which was visited while we were out of town!  A handwritten note was left, a necklace, and glitter sprinkled.  So she wrote a thank you note, and has been diligently checking for signs of further visiting, and adding more decoration.  Jewels on the roof, curtains of colorful wool, and a door.  

The block fence fell down.. but..
We have now read all the way through the entire Little House series ~ Laura, Rose, Martha, Charlotte, and Caroline.  It is a feat.  We are emotionally invested. ; )  We have started over again with Little House in the Big Woods.  : )

Library books Anjali is enjoying:  the Angelina Ballerina books are a favorite right now.  We also like Herbie and Lottie.

Anjali's new Loft-bunk-fort! 

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